Psychologist Anastasia Litovchenko

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You will become more confident, even if you are often dissatisfied with yourself and your success
Feeling of calmness and confidence in 3 months
For women with a merciless criticism inside


If you are tired of:
  • you are tired of blaming yourself for doing everything imperfectly
  • having high expectations from yourself
  • dissatisfaction with your results
  • fear of letting go of control
  • comparing yourself and your success with others


Start living:
  • with faith in yourself and your success
  • with a permission to make mistakes
  • with an understanding of your value
  • with new ambitions and goals
  • with a feeling of joy and happiness


Confident and Happy

Personal 3-month program where I will help you achieve a state of calmness and confidence. You will find out how to resist your inner criticism.

Anastasia Litovchenko

Jungian Psychoanalyst

Developer of the program

  • Study in ISAP Zurich.
  • Diploma of Private High Educational Establishment “European School of Psychology”.
  • Certificate of the 1st level program , “Gestalt Institute”.
  • Certificates: work with MAC, trauma, dreams, panic attacks, codependency.
  • Conducting group trainings with metaphorical cards.

I want to help women learn to find balance between the obligations and pleasures in life. To harmonise all spheres of life.

I will be glad to help you find solutions to your questions and problems. Will direct my knowledge and energy towards anyone who can identify with my values ​​and views.

The structure of the program

Reviews about my work

Oksana Demchenko

Thank you, Anastasia, for the excellent coaching on relationships. It was easy to follow, with deep awareness and insights to solutions and problems. A lot of information to grasp, but afterwards i felt enlightened, free and Super!

Viktoriya Dobruskina

Anastasia is a specialists with whom I would like to continue communicating after the first meeting. Thank you for the professional guidance in helping me find neded answers.

Iana Orlovskaia

Hello Anastasia !! Thank you very much for the work you are doing !! It helped me a lot to understand and work out the flaws that hindered me. To understand what went wrong in any given situation. Thank you for the advice and recommendations you gave me – they are priceless. Thanks a lot!!!!

Alina Ivashchenko

Dear Anastasia! I am grateful for your presence during a very difficult period of my life. For your help, support, ability to listen, for the pleasant conversations and valuable advice! One thing i know. Whenever possible, i will be in contact, and I will always recommend you. I can only speak highly of you as a specialist and person !!

Helen Pitsan

I am very thankful for meeting Anastasia on my journey! She gives very clear instructions to work with , which help bring results. A pleasant, sensitive, flexible person, and quick to respond. I recommend this psychologist. After the first session i already felt progress within myself. May God grant you health and all the best!

Anna Saenko

I would like to express my gratitude to Anastasia for the work done. When I was searching for “my” psychologist, she was the only specialist who responded to my request. She offered to look at the problem from a different angle and not to run away from it.

Tatiana Tretiakova

Anastasia helped me to learn to listen to myself. To find answers and solutions to various problems and questions. She is a very professional, empathetic and a knowledgeable specialist. I have recommended her to many of my friends, who are also satisfied and thank me for meeting Anastasia. Thanks a lot!

Vika Incorvaja

I attended the session with Anastasia. I am very pleased with the result !!! Everything fell into place, things are much more clearer. Even the things that I seemed to know beforehand, after the analysis i began to look at them differently. Anastasia is an excellent specialist. I highly recommend her !!!

I invite you to a free diagnostic session


  • analysis of your current situation
  • specific recommendations on what changes will need to be made in order to move forward
  • an expert view from outside

Click on the button “Sign up for a free session” and please fill out the short questionnaire . This will give me the opportunity to assess and gain a better understanding of the situation for the best possible results.

I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a day and time for our session.

I give a 100% guarantee for my work

I guarantee excellent results if you complete the entire course that requires your participation and disciplined co-operation on the tasks required.

Frequently asked questions

What is the format and duration of the session?

Format – online by video call. Via Skype or Viber. The duration of the session is 1 hour.

Can a psychologist give advice and solutions?

No, the psychologist does not give advice, enforce what you should do – he/she does not impose his/her vision. The job of a psychologist is to be a mirror. With the assistance of questions, they help to lead the client to the correct answers that are within themselves.

How long does it take to get results?

It all depends on the complexity of the case. As a general rule, it can take at least 2 months of effort and meetings, to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the root causes and allow time for internal transformation.

Is it possible for the internal state to deteriorate after starting therapy?

Yes, it can . In order to get results, you have to face pains and feelings from past traumas and cope with them during therapy. It is like when we go to the dentist and initially there is temporary pain however with time we feel better.

Can I skip the session?

Not recommended. It is important to have regular sessions for stable results. However if there is an urgent need to cancel due to mental senses being triggered, it is important to notify the psychologist 24 hours before appointment. Otherwise, the session will be considered as paid and completed.

Does the psychologist give homework?

Yes, to consolidate the obtained results at the session. The psychologist may give small homework assignments that will assist and accelerate the therapeutic process.

Who is responsible for the outcome of the therapy?

Responsibility for the result is equally shared by the psychologist and the client, 50 /50. The psychologist gives the tools, and the client decides whether to use them or not. Without the motivation of the clients and their active participation, there will be less successfull.